Africa Tanks

Water Storage Tanks

All Tanks are Excellent For:
Safe Drinking Water, Back-up Water Storage, Agricultural Use, Rain Water Harvesting
Suitable Uses: Normal Domestic House’s, B&B’s, Flats, Townhouses, Game Parks Lodges and Small Holdings

Comes Standard with Screw on lid 50/40 reduced inlet, 40mm Insect-Proof overflow, 50/40 Outlet

Blow Moulded Material technology gives you: Extra Strength and Better Quality


(W) 1365 x (H) 1500

30 Kg


(W) 1474 x (H) 1620

35 Kg


(W) 1700 x (H) 1868

58 Kg


(W) 1840 x (H) 2022

70 Kg

1600L Slim Line / Under Eave

(W) 1500 x (H) 2000 x (D) 700

44 Kg

2500L Split

(W) 1474 x (H) 2200

44 Kg

Tank Colours


Battleship Grey


BPA-Free HDPE Material

3-Layer Technology

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