Chad-o-Chef Universal Grates

VFG 600 – 700 – 800 – 1000 Universal Single Sided Grate

Vent Free Gas Grate

The Universal Coal Grate Fireplace adds the rustic feeling of a traditional fire grate to the home. All be it with the ease of the modern flueless gas operation.

Power coated steel, merged with timeless white or black ceramic finishes and a touch of magic, come together to create rustic ambience.

The Universal Coal Grate is available in multiple sizes to fit any fireplace.

Burner Finishes

VFFG 600 – 700 – 800  Uniflame Single Sided Grate

Vent Free Gas Grate

The Uniflame Grate’s minimalistic design and modern “Flameline Burner” brings any existing traditional rustic fireplace up to date.
Three size options, and various Glass and Stainless Steel finish options, let you seemlessly match the Uniflame Grate to your homes unique decor, complimenting any existing Single-Sided Fireplace Mantles. (LPG or Natural Gas options available)

Door Finishes

Burner Finishes

Surround Finishes

VFDG 700 – 800 Universal Double Sided Grate

Vent Free Gas Grate

The Universal Grate Double Sided is designed to be retrofit into new or existing fireplace boxes. It replaces the older wood burning grates, giving you the traditional look, with the ease of Gas Heating and Zero Cleaning Afterwards.

The Universal Grate Double Sided comes in two sizes and is perfect for very large traditionally styled spaces, with its ability to heat 131 m², with an all round viewing angle

Burner Finishes

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